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Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Oh my, it has been a while but I’m back. I have one more life transition coming up, then I can somewhat settle down for a while. Talk about Escape. What a fun photo challenge to come back to. I feel like I have had an escape from some things…for a little while any way. That’s what came to mind when I first saw the challenge for the week: getting away from it all. But in my photo collection what came to mind is one of my favorite subjects of plant and flowers. Below I’ve defined my idea of Escape in relation to the Scotch’s Broom Plants I’ve come across in the state of Washington.

These beautiful yellow plants that can be found almost everywhere along the road sides, highways, in fields and even in yards. They are literally everywhere in abundance. That is what made me research them out to find out just what was this plant. It is in the same category as the wild blackberry plants that are also in abundance around this area. In their season of fruit, I also enjoy the luscious berries of this weed. How can something so beautiful be labeled as an “invasive weed?” Doesn’t seem fair, but then I’m new to the area and don’t have it invading my personal property or territory. I just enjoy the sight of the vibrant yellow color and even the fragrance they release when you get close to them. And when you do get close, the single blossom is so sweet to see in the midst of the sea of yellow. I read that the Scotch’s Broom actually belongs to the sweet pea family.

So how do these gorgeous weeds define my idea of Escape?

It fits perfectly for me. Here we have an aggressive plant that needs to exist, grow, spread…and it does just that…any and everywhere it can. One of my photos above shows the Scotch’s Broom growing beyond a fence…trying to escape. There is another photo of a single yellow stem of blossoms growing in the midst of another white plant (haven’t researched that one yet to know what it is). Again, depicting an escape from all the other Scotch’s Broom on it’s own pulling away from the norm. Other views I chose to include show the aggression to take over from the point where it started to grow. Simply amazing to me. I can hear it saying, “gotta get away, gotta grow, gotta reach, gotta stretch, gotta escape…”

The norm is good sometimes, but other times you have to break away and do your own thing.


Be yourself!

Be who God created you to be.

Flourish where you are.

As the saying goes, “Grow where you’re planted.” Or in this case, grow where the seed falls!

I enjoyed the challenge this week. I hope you did too. Thanks for dropping by. Sure feels good to be back. Like I mentioned, I have an upcoming transition but I shouldn’t disappear like before…chuckle. Hope you come back to visit and I will see you around.

Love, Grace and Peace, Kulia!!!

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