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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foriegn

I almost didn’t make it due to schedule and routines of life, but here is my take on the Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign. Images I chose for the challenge are outside of my everyday environment. Some have become less and less foreign to me because I revisit them often…like the food!!

The things that are not apart of everyday life that come to my mind tend to be times when experiencing special cultural celebrations; visiting famous tourist spots; and especially my favorite, enjoying foods that we don’t normally prepare for ourselves. I believe going further than the norm is good. It makes us think and causes us to stretch and grow as individuals. Funny I should say this, I was not a person who liked a lot of change. But as wisdom often comes with time, I have learned that change, diversity, a step beyond the usual is a wonderful thing. Without variety and even sometimes without the unexpected, life would be very dull. These photos I’ve shared with you are from a wonderful visit to mainland Japan and Okinawa.

Through those things that are foreign to me…I expand who I am.

Great Fun! Good Challenge!

Blessings, Grace and Peace to all. Hope you enjoyed your visit 🙂


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: “Water”

I couldn’t resist the challenge when I viewed the theme, Water. What fun this will be to view other entries and to share. My mind went soaring when coming up with what to include. I had to chuckle thinking to myself, “I sure wish I could drink the right amount of water each day that is required as easy as it was to come up with beautiful fun photos of this wondrous substance called water.”

Well, here you have my entry for “Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge…Water”

I really enjoyed this theme. It took me back to some great moments. One of my joys is to water my “yard-garden” and then take some shots of some precious homegrown plants. The water droplets are so fun to try and capture. One day in the near future I will get a macro lens and have a hay day everyday with all my photo captures…they’re out there waiting for me. Til then, I just enjoy what I can get…and I really do enjoy it! They are not professional shots, but they are Mine…Oh wait, that was another challenge…anyway, water droplets, I love!

Water is also a home to many living things. I had the pleasure of viewing Salmon at Tumwater Falls Park in Washington. Would have loved to had some of those on a plate or two or three… It was a fun sight to see. The falls and stream water there at the park was a beautiful sight also. The trail had very nice views and offered a lot of variety. Not a very long trail, but just enough to catch some nice shots.

Water, a source of beauty and and an invitation to tourist pleasure. In Chicago, Illinois, Buckingham Fountain is great to see day or night. But you have to admit, the night time water, music and light show is the one to catch. Great fun, Great shots, and an abundant amount of water that spouts through this fountain. The center of the fountain shoots up vertically 150 feet in the air!

Water, what a great theme. I can’t wait to visit and see what is being shared.

Something that can be so calming, gentle and needful yet it can be forceful, harmful and uncontrollable. Water has many faces, yet whatever is present…you have to respect it. Gotta have it, can’t live without it.

Wonder what your fondest memory of water would be. Mine would be as a child riding through giant water puddles after a heavy rain. Too bad I didn’t have photos of that to post…that would definitely have been included in my entry.

I’m thankful again for the opportunity to join the challenge. If you would also like to, visit Cee at:


Great Fun and Blessings, Kulia…

Weekly Photo Challenge: “BIG”

This week’s photo challenge: Big! Wow, what a thought…big. Big ideas? Big dreams? Big Future? Big hopes? Big issues? Well, after contemplating on big and considering what photos I had, I went with Big stuff. This past summer we had Big plans to go on a Big road trip to visit Big name places in our Big SUV. We thought it would be a Big and wonderful idea to also visit family and friends. I must say it was a Big blessing and we had Big fun. We covered a lot of area. Here are just a few of the Big things that we saw along the way…

We truly had great fun and saw a lot of things. Wish I could show you all of our photos, but they don’t fit into the category of Big. Oh well, maybe another time. The trip for us was special. We were together sharing a common experience that created Big memories for each of us. We are all getting older. The kids are Big now and beginning to go their separate ways. So the Big trip for the summer was truly a Big Joy.

Now that I have used the word “Big” approximately 20 times, I will lay it to rest! The photo challenge once again was very enjoyable to do. Hope you enjoy it too!

Take the time and acknowledge the fact that your presence in the world makes a “Big” difference!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Blessings, Kulia


(Oh dear, that made 21 times I used the word Big…) If you haven’t already and you would like to join the challenge here’s what you do:

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That Peaceful Place…



We each have one. That place where we like to go and escape from the busyness of our routine, the busyness of our minds.

What does your place look like?

I have several. Some you can’t even physically get to. Due to the demands of the day, there is a place in my “mind” that I allow to give me a peaceful moment when I can’t get away. A one minute holiday! Works wonders to get yourself back on track, motivated, refreshed and revived. Sometimes we don’t even realize our condition. We just go through treating most things mundane and mediocre. Or we get so bogged down, that the weight of things begin to be too much.

It’s great to have that peaceful place you can go. For some it may only come once a year in the form of a vacation. Others may have a hobby or sport they can routinely participate in. Still others, like me have many “outlets” to provide my escape. Life is full of wonderful places, adventures and enjoyments. We just have to take advantage of them.

So step out and do the things that you enjoy. Take time to smile, laugh, or do something you haven’t done in ages. Go out and seek a place that you’ve never been before. Often times you don’t have to go very far. You’ll be surprised of all that is out there waiting to be discovered. You’ll be more surprised at what lies inside you waiting to be released.

Take a moment, a minute holiday. Take a few hours, a day, a week, a weekend and find that place that will offer you peace and enjoyment. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy you. If anyone else happens to come along…the more the merrier.

Enjoy Life in the midst of life.