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Weekly Travel Theme: Couples

What a fun topic for a photo theme! I’ve enjoyed looking at all the entries and decided to join in too.

Nothing more soothing than watching a “Duck Couple” swim on the lake.

How lovely and peaceful to see a “Human Couple” sharing a moment of togetherness.

Two honeycomb towers coupled in a busy city to meet the needs of many.

And always, my favorite subject to share…two beauties from nature catching my eye.

In meeting this photo theme, I came to realize “couples” are everywhere. We just have to open our eyes and look around. Kinda like blessings. We sometimes miss them. I think because we are busy looking at things in ways we are so accustomed to…quick and on the move. Guess you could say it’s all about perspective. How are you viewing the world that surrounds you? Are you really seeing what’s there?

I love these photo themes and challenges. It shows someone is taking the time to look and enjoy what’s all around them!

Thanks for sharing! I had a good time browsing and I hope you have too.

Thank you Ailsa for your blog, “Where’s My Backpack” and for the “Weekly Travel Theme.”

If you would like to browse or join in the fun:

Travel theme: Couples

A Place to Sit…




Come, sit. Take a load off of your feet. It’s been a long day…a long journey. Come sit down and rest a while. That’s what we must do with our dreams sometimes. Let them sit for just a little while. Put them on hold, but never let go. Delays are not bad, they just interrupt. So take a break from what you can’t yet achieve only to regroup and get started again fresh, new, revived. A seed planted takes time to grow. You must water, fertilize, feed and give it sunlight. Nurture it and watch it grow. Our dreams also must be nurtured and each day you’ll get closer. Just know it’s okay if it takes a while as long as you get back to it. So come on, take a seat and sit awhile. Don’t you just love those seats for two!