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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foriegn

I almost didn’t make it due to schedule and routines of life, but here is my take on the Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign. Images I chose for the challenge are outside of my everyday environment. Some have become less and less foreign to me because I revisit them often…like the food!!

The things that are not apart of everyday life that come to my mind tend to be times when experiencing special cultural celebrations; visiting famous tourist spots; and especially my favorite, enjoying foods that we don’t normally prepare for ourselves. I believe going further than the norm is good. It makes us think and causes us to stretch and grow as individuals. Funny I should say this, I was not a person who liked a lot of change. But as wisdom often comes with time, I have learned that change, diversity, a step beyond the usual is a wonderful thing. Without variety and even sometimes without the unexpected, life would be very dull. These photos I’ve shared with you are from a wonderful visit to mainland Japan and Okinawa.

Through those things that are foreign to me…I expand who I am.

Great Fun! Good Challenge!

Blessings, Grace and Peace to all. Hope you enjoyed your visit 🙂