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Uniquely Designed

Uniquely Designed

We are not perfect, but we are uniquely designed. One of a kind! Crafted in the hands of the Master Creator. Fearfully and wonderfully made. Thank you Lord, for the beauty of nature and for the work of Your hand in my life!!


Evening Prayer…

Lord, thank You for the end of another day. Thank You for bringing me through all that the day held for me. Thank You for the accomplishments, for the lessons learned and for Your presence. Watch over us as we rest and refresh for tomorrow. Keep us in Your care. Surround us with Your peace, Your love, Your mercy and Your Grace. Love, Blessing and Honor Be Unto You, Most Gracious Sir. In Jesus’ name!! Amen!!

Heart Thoughts…

I am so thankful for all that has been deposited inside. All that is good and flows from within. From my heart to yours, words of encouragement, words of inspiration, words that bless. Not those that fall on the surface of my mind, but words that are given and placed so gently by my loving Heavenly Father within. From my heart to yours…heart thoughts.