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Keep Going…

IMG_2796Have you ever felt like no one understands? You try to share from your heart and you are all excited, but the ears that it falls on just didn’t catch the same vision you had received.

Don’t get discouraged. Don’t let go of your dream, idea or plan. Just like Noah had gotten a word from the Lord to build the ark. They laughed and made fun of him, yet he didn’t quit. He kept going. He held on to what God told him. The result: the saving of the animals and mankind.

Nehemiah was another example when he made the decision to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and restore the city within. He met with great opposition. He had those to help him including the King, yet there always seems to be naysayers and haters. Like Noah, Nehemiah didn’t give in. The walls were rebuilt in 52 days!! Tools in one hand of the workers and a weapon in the other. Wasn’t easy, but it was done.

So hold on and keep going. Believe in yourself.

It may not be an ark, a city wall or temple, but you’ll be surprised at the results.

Love and blessings, Kulia

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Make Good…

Scotch's Broom Capture Walk 2 (112)

Whatever you have before you, make good. No matter what it is make the most of it. If it is something that you don’t like or would like to see changed. You make that difference. You be that change.

Remember, your greatest strength is inside you. Be encouraged!!

Blessings, Kulia





I can get so bogged down by the detail of things. Sometimes details seem to slow me down. At times they can tend to overwhelm me. If I am being negative, they can be a little irritating. Yet, details are so important. Whether it is in a task that needs to be accomplished, in a picture that is being painted or in a recipe that needs just the right ingredient detail is truly important to the success of a thing. Lord, I thank You that You pay attention to the details in our lives. You, Lord are concerned about the small stuff as well as the big upfront issues that we face. Thank You! How could I enjoy the beauty of nature to the extent that I do, if it were not for the attention to detail. The detail that was so graciously put there by God and the gift of being able to observe, seek out and take in all the intricate attention given to each component. Oh, the details. They must be there for a reason. I must view them in the proper perspective.

So Much…

At any particular time I can find so much to complain about. By the same token, I can also find so much to be thankful for. I’m trying harder and harder each day to do the latter. I’m finding it to be true that the blessings in life do outweigh the negatives. Sometimes I have to look really hard but as long as I find the good, the positive, the blessing that’s all that matters. Each day has it’s own set of challenges, but when my mind is made up to search out the pleasant things in the midst of all that is going on peace is a result. Even a smile at the end of the day from the inside out will surface. Yes, so much…but I am choosing of what!!!


Bringing Me Through…

Oh, how You always bring me through!! You’re always there; even in the times that are challenging, times that are tough and in the times that are just plain awkward. Like today, as I lay on my side with my back side exposed for a colonoscopy. Thank You Lord for being my constant companion…and not minding it. You’re Awesome! I love You and You’re Presence!Image

Another Chance…

Blessed with another day. Lord, I thank you for the gift of this day. Another chance to live, accomplish, and achieve. Lord, I have another chance to try and get it right! You’re so gracious and I truly thank you for your faithfulness, unfailing love and tender mercies. Where would I be without Your Grace!! I look forward to Your presence and manifestations in each moment. Thank You in advance for all that You have planned for me. Come let us begin…

Evening Prayer…

Lord, thank You for the end of another day. Thank You for bringing me through all that the day held for me. Thank You for the accomplishments, for the lessons learned and for Your presence. Watch over us as we rest and refresh for tomorrow. Keep us in Your care. Surround us with Your peace, Your love, Your mercy and Your Grace. Love, Blessing and Honor Be Unto You, Most Gracious Sir. In Jesus’ name!! Amen!!