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Weekly Photo Challenge: “Happy”

Well, here it is. Another opportunity to think, create, and post. So here is my Second Photo Challenge: What makes me Happy? That’s a loaded question, but what fun I had coming up what to share with you.

There are many things that make me happy and causes me to smile inwardly as well as outwardly. Here are just a few:

LAVENDER: smelling, growing and visiting lavender farms; TURTLES: spotting turtles at the beach; HULA: learning, watching and participating; WILD BLACKBERRIES: picking wild blackberries and eating the harvest; GARDENING: growing and sharing plants, flowers and vegetables.

These are just a few things that I enjoy that make me happy. I have fond memories in each of the categories listed and displayed below. I also have just as many more categories or things that I could share which in itself makes me happy too!

Just thinking about what makes me happy, makes me happy!!

Life is full of many things some good and some not so good. It is not just one or the other. It is a mixture of both. When I take the time to reflect, I can always find something that makes me smile. Even on a “rainy” day…cuz rain helps vegetation to grow. Even on a cloudy day…cuz outta the clouds sometimes you’ll find the most beautiful rainbow.

If you’re in the right spot and have the right perspective, that rainbow can even be double. In the oddest places…Yes, quite amazing.

During a tough time in your life, you may be introduced to support and encouragement that you never thought you had. Bright spots coming through the cracks and crevices.

Yet, some things are just plain obvious and outright joyful. Everyone has common joys and experiences of happiness. But there are those that are specific to just you. Those are very precious, priceless and nothing could compare.

Whether surface happy or inner happy, it’s all a blessing. I chose to share some of my surface happy. I don’t know if I could put into photo or words my inner happy. It is good to rehearse both. This challenge was fun and one we should all practice often: happy.

Happy, Happy 🙂

Blessings, Kulia…


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Weekly Photo Challenge: “Mine”

Well, here it is …the post to My First Photo Challenge!! I had great fun with it. Made me think and look to see what exactly would fit the theme to share “Mine.”

Plus as a new blogger it is helping me learn my way around.

I had many things that came to mind, but what I share now is definitely “Mine.” It’s what I call “My home grown Garden of Eden.” It’s not perfect. It’s not pest free. You will find brown tips and slug shells, but I grew most of the plants from the small .99 up to $2.50 purchased at probably Walmart or someone so generously gifted me a piece of theirs. They have lasted through the winds, through the scorching sun, through the “oh dear me, I forgot to water”, through the “opps, was I suppose to fertilize?” And through the wonderful discovery of Plant Propagation…My Garden of Eden is a blessing to such a Novice gardener as myself.

Well, not really a gardener. Just thankful to share in some of God’s handiwork.

Most in my front yard Garden of Eden are shade plants which worked out perfectly when they were small. Now they have grown much larger and I have no shaded area to move them.

Yet, I’m happy to say they survived…well, most of them.

There have been adjustments, transitions, lessons learned but all in all… Enjoyment.


I love to watch things grow. To have a hand in the process is so incredible to me. It is very much trial and error but the results have been so fun. I must admit I get frustrated at times when I fail to keep a plant alive or just can’t seem to overcome a pest or disease. But that’s just how it goes. I’ve learned a great deal. I get to share my little friends as they grow and become parents. Clip, pinch and pot I found to be the most fun. It allowed me to watch even more to grow. My solution for space was to share, share, share. When others find that you enjoy plants, then they too would share theirs with you. More plants. More experiments. More Growth. The process, endless.

So Enjoy the photos of what’s “mine.”

I am the only one in my household that truly gets excited about my plants. The plants start out so small and innocent. Then suddenly before  you know it, they grow up (if they survive) and give you even more pleasure and sense of accomplishment.

I love to take note of the individual textures, colors, shapes and symmetry.


As my garden grew, it began to take over the entrance way to the front door. It didn’t really matter. The plants were in pots and containers, I would just move them over or readjust so one could have a little more space to come through.

After all those were “mine” and that was their space!

I even have plants in the backyard…it’s around the corner from My Garden of Eden! Some plants in the backyard had there start in Eden in the front. It amazes me how a plant can multiply and grow.

From one parent plant, I have made what felt like hundreds of new plants. The new plants grew to be larger than the parent plant it came from. Such joy to create!!

So that’s what’s “Mine.”

My Home Grown Garden Of Eden!!

This was very special for me to do. I’ve had to temporarily move away from my garden and plants. They are in the care of another. I look forward to seeing my plants again. If they don’t survive and are gone when I return, I have photos to enjoy. I guess I can always get new plants and start again.

But there is nothing like having, what’s “Mine.”

Hope you enjoyed the photos, as much as I did.

What’s your favorite plant or flower?

Shown above throughout the photos you saw: Bird Nest Fern, Dumb Cane, Cactus Rose, Donkey’s Tail, Variegated Schefflera Umbrella tree plant, Golden Marble Pothos, Purple Wandering Jew, Impatiens, Jade, Pentas and maybe a few others that I’ve forgotten the name of.

Blessings and much Enjoyment, Kulia…