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It’s Yours…

Scotch's Broom Capture Walk 2 (24)Sometimes things that we want are easy to obtain and at other times we may find them difficult to get a hold of. Don’t allow people, circumstances or situations to stop you from pursuing and going after what is in your heart and mind to do.

If there is even a sparkle of an idea, concept or dream in your heart. Go for it. Do whatever it takes. “Nothing ventured nothing gained.” We all know that you’ll never reach it, you’ll never attain it, you’ll never have it if you don’t put forth the effort and go after it.

Claim it. Decide and determine that what ever it is…

It’s Yours!!

Be true to who you are and what you possess inside. Do what it takes and enjoy the process and journey that lies ahead.

And as a side note, if for some reason things don’t turn out exactly as you planned.

It’s really okay.

Be encouraged in the fact that at least you tried!

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Have an awesome day!!

Great Peace, Kulia

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A Place to Sit…




Come, sit. Take a load off of your feet. It’s been a long day…a long journey. Come sit down and rest a while. That’s what we must do with our dreams sometimes. Let them sit for just a little while. Put them on hold, but never let go. Delays are not bad, they just interrupt. So take a break from what you can’t yet achieve only to regroup and get started again fresh, new, revived. A seed planted takes time to grow. You must water, fertilize, feed and give it sunlight. Nurture it and watch it grow. Our dreams also must be nurtured and each day you’ll get closer. Just know it’s okay if it takes a while as long as you get back to it. So come on, take a seat and sit awhile. Don’t you just love those seats for two!