Travel Theme Photo Challenge: Feet

Thought it would be fun to enter a photo challenge. I haven’t done it in a while and would like to join in again. Hope you have just as much fun as I.

This week’s photo challenge from Where’s My Backpack is “Feet.

I tend to always put things in light of scripture. That’s just where my heart and head tend to be. In thinking about feet, I’m reminded of all the places I’ve been. Our feet mark our territory that we’ve gone over, are in or are going to cover. When we put ourselves in the right frame of mind and strategically move forward, we have success. Move forward in what you know is right and good. Enjoy the benefits of the fruit it produces. Rejoice in the areas that may have been difficult to walk through, but you made it through regardless.

Our feet are an important part of our being. In the last season of my life, my feet were very important.

Over the past two years I had set some running goals and found photos to reflect.

Fun memories!

Here are the photos I’d like to share to meet the challenge:

In the last two years, my goal was to complete official runs. Seeing that I am not a “runner” this was an exciting time!!

After the runs…

Nothing like goals where you’re feet will take you.


Koko Head Crater Railway Trail 1,048 railway tie steps!!

Psalm 18:33, “Watch the path of your feet and all our ways will be established.”

Feet! What a fun challenge. I’m glad I took it on. If you are interested in weekly travel themes join in over at Where’s my backpack.

Love and Blessings, Kulia

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