I can get so bogged down by the detail of things. Sometimes details seem to slow me down. At times they can tend to overwhelm me. If I am being negative, they can be a little irritating. Yet, details are so important. Whether it is in a task that needs to be accomplished, in a picture that is being painted or in a recipe that needs just the right ingredient detail is truly important to the success of a thing. Lord, I thank You that You pay attention to the details in our lives. You, Lord are concerned about the small stuff as well as the big upfront issues that we face. Thank You! How could I enjoy the beauty of nature to the extent that I do, if it were not for the attention to detail. The detail that was so graciously put there by God and the gift of being able to observe, seek out and take in all the intricate attention given to each component. Oh, the details. They must be there for a reason. I must view them in the proper perspective.

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